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Started playing the game a lot yesterday but online is laggy as **** (Archived)Pics_nao_plz211/28/2012
Finn from Sorcery would be awesome as DLC (Archived)RaidenHero511/28/2012
Anyone else get people crying about Jak in stock? (Archived)
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Bah. So close to getting the platinum trophy, but... (Archived)TMOG911/28/2012
An RPG character i want that none of you care about or know. (Archived)
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From what I've been reading and experiencing, the online is getting worse. (Archived)GuiltyChippX311/28/2012
Anyone ever seen the invisible Kratos glitch? (Archived)Odahviing911/28/2012
Disc benefits? added disc to my account, can someone else use the code? (Archived)GetPhiledIn311/28/2012
So I can't sell my free vita version? (Archived)GetPhiledIn311/28/2012
You can't do a FFA online with a friend in your party, right? (Archived)
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This game is indeed a rip-off (Archived)BarelyIntiated711/28/2012
pre order costume question (Archived)jbut200411/28/2012
Dan's level 2 needs better tracking and level 3 needs more time. (Archived)
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General Challenge 1 (Archived)flaremmm111/28/2012
i made this on paint because im bored lol :/ (Archived)Seksii_Girl_5411/28/2012
Dantes Kara cancel (Archived)
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Has anyone out right asked Seth or someone at Super bot about ICO and N1 charas? (Archived)zferolie711/28/2012
What would make Sackboy more balanced? (Poll)T_l_M_B_0411/28/2012
effective sackboy camp counter..... (Archived)_krat0s_311/28/2012
Did superbot do their best to never mention the words "final fantasy"? (Archived)Retroxgamer0811/28/2012
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