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How to sync with Vita properly? (Archived)DRX777211/28/2012
2v2 Ranking Battles Videos (Archived)FaustianLogix511/28/2012
Enjoying the crap out of this game (Archived)remaster1989511/28/2012
I don't understand belts. Why is my belt changing in unranked games? (Archived)DirtyToenails311/28/2012
So I saw the GoW chest twice (Archived)BluBlue4811/28/2012
Superbot calls CAPCOM (Archived)Ichiko_3681011/28/2012
Tweeted SuperBot asking if they're... (Archived)pdizzles125511/28/2012
how many belts are there????? (Archived)Arch-l211/28/2012
Why skylanders is rated better than this game? (Archived)UncleDolanDuck311/28/2012
So its pretty much impossible to rank up at this point in the season, right? (Archived)ImDyinSquirtle1011/28/2012
Which users would the characters main? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
2 vs 2 partner? (Archived)sector576111/28/2012
The Taunt Challenge? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
ITT: We make sense of rivalries (Archived)
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can't wait to play this (Archived)webb789611/28/2012
Anyone had trouble with Sackboy on Infamous stage? (Archived)vital_tundra211/28/2012
Seriously hyped for DLC outfits. (Archived)ChocoboDreams411/28/2012
So I just beat Arcade mode for my first time... (Archived)ChocoboDreams611/28/2012
Started playing the game a lot yesterday but online is laggy as **** (Archived)Pics_nao_plz211/28/2012
Finn from Sorcery would be awesome as DLC (Archived)RaidenHero511/28/2012
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