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why are people talking about DLC? (Archived)
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Rate my riots at my local DLC pack. (Archived)TheNardDog79/30/2012
You know, PSABR needs a commercial like this. (Archived)Gamenamebully59/30/2012
C/D Sir Daniel Fortesque needs a pimp Costume... (Archived)
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Was Cloud ever in a Coca-Cola commerical? No? Vivi was. (Archived)AndKevinBacon69/30/2012
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Gone for a week... (Archived)ss4parrothair49/30/2012
This roster is AMAZING. (Archived)Dux_X109/30/2012
So would you rather have the 4 characters from the website "leak" than nothing? (Archived)WhatTheShrek109/30/2012
Can I give away the vita version to a friend? (Archived)
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What would you say are the chances that Wander or Starhawk Guy will... (Archived)BluBlue449/30/2012
Bloody Roar rep? (Archived)Thunder09759/30/2012
Dear Gran Turismo, FF, Tomb Raider, GTA, Journey, Flower, SoTC, Ico..... (Archived)
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Riots at my nearest Baskin Robbins (Archived)Capitan_Kid79/30/2012
Do you guys think we're getting any other characters from the bat family? (Archived)Thunder09789/30/2012
This game honestly looks like a family party game for casuals. (Archived)
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There should be a Rumble Roses Rep. (Archived)furygods49/30/2012
Lets talk about why Commander Shepard Deserves the next spot (Archived)
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