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Why would they make Donte the default skin for Dante? (Archived)
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Sony did a excellent job choosing PS2 era and Decent Job with PS3 era (Archived)
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TheRumbalumba uploaded a video about... snakes?!? O.O (Archived)Jonas_MC79/30/2012
If we do have all the characters... (Archived)storm_shaft59/30/2012
So when is that Canadian PS event? (Archived)RickBerman59/30/2012
Does Day 1 DLC count as launch? (Archived)Selite79/30/2012
how do we know super bot even approached crash?.. (Archived)
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Whoa, I just checke dup this game, I was so sure in the roster I'd find... (Archived)
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Let's pretend this game will get 20 newcomers (Archived)epik_fail1109/29/2012
So Omar apparently hates classic Dante... (Archived)
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Arghh?! Why can't November 20th come sooner?! (Archived)Godstriker839/29/2012
What robots would you like to see in PSASBR? (Archived)
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Playstation Lawlstars (Archived)Retroxgamer029/29/2012
i look at this game like the real all stars are all on strike for more money (Archived)
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Is there going to be new characters added? (Archived)Formertechno3489/29/2012
This game might not be for me. (Archived)LordYggdrasilXX109/29/2012
This board is so IMMATORTURED (Archived)epik_fail179/29/2012
Anyone think..... (Archived)Aceinu39/29/2012
So would it be up to Superbot or Sony to..... (Archived)IcyFlamez9639/29/2012
Is anyone else not bothered by the "lack" of communication from Superbot.... (Archived)
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