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Which series represented would you like to see as a movie? (Poll)
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What if instead of a SSB style fighting game, this game was... (Archived)Devilman_Amon59/26/2012
For those who've played the beta.....are any of the moves chargeable? (Archived)
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any compiled move lists available? (Archived)sinncross79/25/2012
Lightning was confirmed to be in this game ages ago. (proof inside) (Archived)SpacePirateKhan59/25/2012
Anything new happen lately? (Archived)SplitMushroom49/25/2012
43 days until the game releases and we still don't know all the characters and.. (Archived)
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another BGM (Archived)
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JusJust a QUICK question about beta (Archived)Jimm3rF3rdette29/25/2012
Long da... Just got home. Anything new? (Archived)IcyFlamez9629/25/2012
VO for the Unsung Hero of All-Stars (Archived)rumbalumba69/25/2012
Breaking News: Paul Gale hijacks Ferry thinking he's Jack Sparrow. (Archived)
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News rift (Archived)
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Is the final roster revealed yet? (Archived)DoctorRPG89/25/2012
the "no crash=no buy" club (Poll)
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is there a picture of the sackboy minion character (if it was that?) (Archived)sinncross39/25/2012
They say no news is good news. (Archived)BombermanFanatic109/25/2012
Looking for ORANGE COUNTY demo (Archived)
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Make a 20 character Roster based on real world popularity with rules. (Archived)Garfield6489/25/2012
So, who you would want from Double Dragon? (Archived)
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