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We didnt get "nothing" at TGS, we got a new trailer.. an epic one (Archived)Retroxgamer049/22/2012
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When did Seth say there would be another PS1 CHARACTER? (Archived)Selite79/22/2012
All this waiting is finally about to pay off. (Archived)
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Pfftt! You people were actually expecting something? (Archived)delon3329/22/2012
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lmao at everyone getting so butthurt about no reveals (Archived)
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Official US/EU Cross-play Beta Discussion (Archived)
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Has superbot had their panel yet? (Archived)Chairstood39/22/2012
Why did they have Radec in the video? (Archived)AndKevinBacon69/22/2012
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I'll be honest: Still don't have a reason to buy this game yet. (Archived)
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This game needs Homestar! (Archived)Honestgamers39/22/2012
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TGS Stream (Archived)
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Did anyone see how much butt Toro kicked in the TGS stream? (Archived)
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Omar said they'd do something for TGS..... (Archived)Jimm3rF3rdette59/22/2012
Well.... there's always DLC. (Archived)SpacemanHardy69/22/2012
TGS did reveal a new character. (Archived)Kanadian_Keith69/22/2012
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