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I don't understand the hate? (Archived)GudgeLikeGudge86/5/2012
The good things about this game (Archived)
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Anyone else notice that... (Archived)Sackboy4mvp36/5/2012
of all the characters, big daddy sold me. (Archived)YermomHoudini76/5/2012
Finally a decent and playable version of Super Smash Brothers (Archived)foxyReyoko36/5/2012
Did Sony just admit to this being a Smash game play-alike on G4 just now? (Archived)Kaljinyu26/5/2012
This game is SO UNBALANCE in Supers (Archived)
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Why not Subject Delta? (Archived)UchihaSasuke5266/5/2012
Dark Souls hero! (Character suggestion.) (Archived)
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Vita Gameplay (Archived)VAndrew736/5/2012
Radec is in this game? (Archived)Sony_766/5/2012
Sometimes, Sony just Pisses me Off (Archived)fawfulmark2106/5/2012
Sackboy's personal moveset (Archived)LittleBigFan9826/5/2012
Does Parappa have his original VA? (Archived)viewmaster_pi56/5/2012
Something that has me worried other than roster. (Archived)Kindertotenwald66/5/2012
Predict which 6 will be shown next. (Archived)
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Remember how incredibly weird it was when Snake was announced for Brawl? (Archived)
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Drake + Big Daddy's level 3 supers details. (from the live PS blog broadcast) (Archived)
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Hit me156/5/2012
Nathan Drake's and Big Daddy's Level 3s (Archived)Geos5996/5/2012
I am a die hard super smash brothers and nintendo fan and this game..... (Archived)
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