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ITT: we guess what "items" will be in the game (Archived)BerserkFury853314/28/2012
maybe Mirror's Edge's Faith will be added as playable fighter? (Archived)xenosaga12314/28/2012
Anyone else find it hilarious that they picked Colonel Radec? (Archived)
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Miyako Kojiro (Siren) should be playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (Archived)xenosaga12374/28/2012
You know this game is a Smash clone when... (Archived)Ericxc104/28/2012
First try at a Character List. (Archived)Th3BeSt4464/28/2012
Here's hoping we get a Final Destination type stage (Archived)zombiefan0184/28/2012
Kingdom hearts characters? (Archived)__Weegee__64/28/2012
Your reaction: Sonic and Snake are playable characters in this. (Archived)
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Is the title of this game final? (Archived)tangnets24/28/2012
C/D: You dislike Fat Princess. (Archived)
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Will they make a new parappa game because of this? (Archived)conker51634/28/2012
i don't recognize (Archived)GojiraBiruubato24/28/2012
Anyone remember this trailer? (Archived)FlowerGurlVII44/28/2012
I hate the name of this game (Archived)ThaneNeedsCure94/28/2012
First!!! (Archived)-Damien-14/28/2012
GTA characters? (Archived)eellliioottt54/28/2012
Sackboy=Kirby? (Archived)3D364/28/2012
My wishlist of 50/50 characters (may or may not be in...or worse chances) (Archived)
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Just found this, what's the roster so far? (Archived)Regurk_Abas54/28/2012
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