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You know how people rag on Brawl for having too many swordsmen? (Archived)
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im not expecting squeenix to give characters in the game (Archived)
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Chance of Final Fantasy? (Archived)
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How do you score a KO? (Archived)
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Will this game's ending be better than Mass Effect 3's? (Archived)Liwakip64/28/2012
I find it ironic that people jab at Sony for unoriginality (Archived)
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As long as this turns out to be fun and enjoyable, I dont care what they copied (Archived)bnui_ransder54/28/2012
All 3rd Party Characters You Expect or Have High Likelihood (Archived)
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I can already tell this board is going down the gutter (Archived)ThaneNeedsCure104/27/2012
the title should be Playstation All-Series Battle Royale (Archived)archs1354/27/2012
Confirmed characters and stages (Archived)
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Is this game made in China? (Archived)Arevin24/27/2012
Was that long live play ad for this? (Archived)callego64/27/2012
If a real fight were to break out, Sony's roster would destroy nintendo's (Archived)
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Do we know the control setup? (Archived)WILD_CHARIZARD44/27/2012
Why are Nintendo fanboys here? (Archived)
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What is the bar at around 0:08? (Archived)Graviblow34/27/2012
This game needs a Demon's Souls rep or at least a stage... (Archived)boy_luck84/27/2012
Wildcards. (Archived)Kindertotenwald14/27/2012
Assist trophies? (Archived)
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