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I want the Jersey Devil to be playable so badlyDark World Ruler94/28/2012
does this game have wavedashingDarkChocobo4774/28/2012
You can't deny that it's blatantly ripping of Smash Bros.
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If they put Kingdom Hearts characters...(Yeah, a KH Fanboy topic)Ragnoraok94/28/2012
I noticed Radec has a RPG...VioletZer054/28/2012
What's up with that weird glow?Dux_X54/28/2012
Are GameStop stores going to hold tournaments and midnight launches for this?BlueFlameBat54/28/2012
Speculations on who the final boss is going to be...
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Sign if you don't care the only way to K.O are by specials.
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Everyone in this video should be in this gamezombiefan0184/28/2012
I'm confused...Yomonachi54/28/2012
Shuhei Yoshida posted a tweet saying Crash/Spyro aren't in the game becauseNate_Dihldorff104/28/2012
Kratos will be S+ tierllaW_Enots64/28/2012
I hope CJ is in this game.llaW_Enots34/28/2012
You reaction: the sneeze feature is announcedGrandy1224/28/2012
ITT: we guess what "items" will be in the gameBerserkFury853314/28/2012
maybe Mirror's Edge's Faith will be added as playable fighter?xenosaga12314/28/2012
Anyone else find it hilarious that they picked Colonel Radec?
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Miyako Kojiro (Siren) should be playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royalexenosaga12374/28/2012
You know this game is a Smash clone when...Ericxc104/28/2012
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