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Stages look kinda bad. (Archived)
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DIRECT GAMEPLAY footage. (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff94/27/2012
Characters that should be in IMO (Archived)bochi198694/27/2012
Lara Croft/Tomb Raider were on Windows/Sega Saturn/Dreamcast/etc. (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff34/27/2012
Totally as Smash Bros. clone... (Archived)
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How many third party characters will we get? (Archived)HakuMan11138654/27/2012
So if I made a topic saying this was a Smash clone... (Archived)Habefiet34/27/2012
Really hope we get characters from outside Sony... (Archived)
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Crimson Night164/27/2012
Calling it now... (Archived)
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Are people mad this is like Smashbros? (Archived)
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Battle stages (Archived)RocketJess44/27/2012
likelihood of Square Enix characters? (Archived)PillsberyDoeMan54/27/2012
Characters that need to be added to the game (Archived)robirmingham14/27/2012
Characters shown at start of GTTV clip (some unconfirmed) (Archived)RocketJess24/27/2012
I just hope... (Archived)Grammar_man24/27/2012
I hope there's an option to turn off the mash-ups... (Archived)RoyMaster434/27/2012
NIS better have some guys in this. (Archived)THE_PS1_PATRIOT74/27/2012
For those worried about the game looking like a rip-off.... (Archived)XeonexFlash64/27/2012
I'm already worried about the physics of this game... (Archived)BNVshark12394/27/2012
IMO: We can expect some of the following 3rd Party characters... (Archived)
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