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why do i need to keep agreeing to the online agreement? (Archived)
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We should get both Lightning and Cloud for DLC. (Archived)TheBestGman200781/3/2013
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What if there was only one Cole? (Poll)
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Playing 2v2 and i hear 2 kids talking. (Archived)
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PSABR Presidental Election (part 2) Candidates (Archived)
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Anyone up for ranked 2s?? (Archived)Heroicmedic9281/3/2013
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Fragged Nation PSABR Tournament! (Archived)MrGanny11/3/2013
Characters who have Combos that end up in a SP ability (Archived)Sivrak61/3/2013
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Unranked, No item 2v2 anybody? (Archived)CT_Hardcase31/3/2013
I like using Sly and crouching/barrel under Raidens level 1. (Archived)Selite41/3/2013
Tim and Eric should be a DLC character. (Archived)WILD_CHARIZARD11/3/2013
Tim from Braid should be a DLC character. (Archived)TheBestGman200711/3/2013
Why's everyone saying Kat's OP? (Archived)
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We're Not in Shambarrel anymore! (Archived)An_Unkind_RGN41/3/2013
Seriously, Sly is almost as good as Raiden (Archived)
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The only thing making me keep this game (Archived)
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The Invasion Ape Escape music in the Kill;zone stage. (Archived)HakuMan111386101/3/2013