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Friendly Competition Trophy help (Archived)shadowtails2000312/27/2012
Belt Rank Just Dropped from Purple 68 to Yellow 47 (Archived)Libs368412/27/2012
Any love for a Folklore rep? (Archived)Traptin3days712/27/2012
Ratchet's Down Circle (Archived)TUSMEnterprises212/27/2012
So Jak is pretty much the worst character in the game? (Archived)
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Interesting. (Archived)Crabhammar112/27/2012
1 v 1 (looking for a good Big Daddy) (Archived)LaKizzle231012/27/2012
So has anyone made a video of all the intros and outros yet? (Archived)PokemonYoutube212/27/2012
How deep of a fighting game is this game? (Archived)AcidRainLee312/27/2012
Half of these combos & techniques people made don't even work offline. (Archived)
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I wish the last 5 seconds would stop hosting in ragequit! (Archived)BloodDamage112/27/2012
Ranked 2v2 points system (Archived)XenoFFvs312/27/2012
Noob Question (Archived)SixSixSevenEigh512/27/2012
C/D Dante's art makes him look like Daniel Tosh (Archived)SupaPowers212/27/2012
ok so the funny thing to me is the community wants evil cole nerfed now (Archived)
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This game is still a beta! (Archived)Eureka_Seven_RL912/27/2012
I wonder if Big Daddy, Raiden and Dante will come back? (Archived)Flare2468512/27/2012
Getting the game tomorrow. Ask me anything. (Archived)
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Level 3 insta kill supers: Why do the exist (Archived)
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Ranked 2v2 partner (Archived)
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