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Looking to play a little 1v1's (Archived)cosmojames612/5/2012
Anyone up for some 2v2 ranked? (Archived)LluaZarg1012/5/2012
so if scorpion WAS added... (Archived)mew2ds712/5/2012
Whens the patch? (Archived)Dark_MetalSonic312/5/2012
What non main character or villain do you sant from FF? (Archived)
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The feeling you get when someone praises your Kratos play... (Archived)FaustianLogix812/5/2012
2v2 im online now (Archived)LordSensei_112/5/2012
Am I the only one who likes FFA? (Archived)Aone1987612/5/2012
I've been winning some ranked FFAs (Archived)JammerzW312/5/2012
IGN/Omar interview on DLC (Archived)
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*finds out I have to get a black belt 7 more times* (Archived)
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LOL my partner was invisible (Archived)clinttiger912/5/2012
In some stages is impossible to kill Sackboy with Sir Dan Lv 3 (Archived)Cosmic_Coyote512/5/2012
Donte's Vergil Palete Swap >>>> All his other costumes (Archived)
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Anyone up for some 1v1's right now? (Archived)mariofilho12912/5/2012
2v2 ranked now? (Archived)Zidane_Fury912/5/2012
How did everyone do in the ASA tourny? (Archived)Kindertotenwald912/5/2012
Stay and be destroyed.. (Archived)wwinterj25212/5/2012
Questions about local multiplayer (Archived)PhoenixRush612/5/2012
I think Good Cole is one of the best charcters in the game (Archived)
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