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so sony just hosted an event (Archived)
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So, you guys think we'll get more stages for the upcoming dlc pack? (Archived)
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I really despise how there is virtually no respawn invincibility. (Archived)holysquid1012/4/2012
PaRappa combo video! Along with Sir Daniel, Nariko, Dante and Kratos (Archived)
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Pretty funny 2v2 match... (Archived)fuzzylittlbunny112/4/2012
Hows this compare to brawl? Does the AUS version get a free vita game with it? (Archived)GwynsSonSolaire612/3/2012
Let's ban a couple of words from usage on this forum, due to overuse. (Archived)
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I liked the Toro Celebration at TGS (Archived)Retroxgamer0212/3/2012
Why no single player adventure mode like SSB? (Archived)
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Are the matches VERY unstable tonight or just me? (Archived)OmegaWeaponGean212/3/2012
me, heihachi... other 3... (Archived)_krat0s_412/3/2012
4 man FFAs with the same character. (Archived)Hikari_Sword212/3/2012
1v1 go go henshin baby! (Archived)
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Sir Dan really is the perfect troll character (Archived)
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I bet a good chunk of people didn't read the credits xD (Archived)TitoslayerX812/3/2012
You know a match is going to be good when (Archived)IcyFlamez96612/3/2012
2 vs 2 for fun Stock (Archived)RogueDark212/3/2012
I challenge you to a 1v1! (Archived)PirateKing290912/3/2012
I was considering maining Kat... (Archived)Snovvbub1012/3/2012
Menu Background (Archived)AttraFaytten612/3/2012