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Ready to Fighto! (Archived)Grug16212/2/2012
You're mine (Archived)Heroicmedic92912/2/2012
Can't believe (Archived)Hawkspeed76512/2/2012
So.. did they like, take epic items out? (Archived)
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A bit belated, but something that needs to be said about these critic reviews (Archived)dooms_day_432712/2/2012
ranty rant rant (Archived)Now_Laters112/2/2012
Never thought I would say this (Archived)
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Kat is not a cat (Archived)BlazeAndBlade512/2/2012
i f****n hate sly (Archived)_krat0s_412/2/2012
This board needs to be like Kuro and Toro (Archived)Nekaito912/2/2012
Kat isn't asian (Archived)BkzUzi212/2/2012
Is DLC also part of the cross save? (Archived)carnivalofsins212/2/2012
What motivates someone to make a topic like this? Ppl are glad to see failure?? (Archived)Shawwty08212/2/2012
My Cousin is going to buy this, a few questions about the vita version. (Archived)marioparty17512/2/2012
Is everyone's rolls/recoveries the same? (Archived)NewVirtue412/2/2012
my most wanted character (Archived)corndog85112/2/2012
Honest question about the Sackboy nerfs. (Archived)EnglishLanguag512/2/2012
So who's gonna still main Sack Boy after his Nerf? (Archived)renegadeseraph612/2/2012
...Am I the only one whose noticed this? (Archived)Dopples612/2/2012
If a game was the REASON you bough a sony gaming system, then it should (Archived)
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