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Kat/Emmett Available??? (Archived)
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I love using Big Daddy but (Archived)bartz90712/1/2012
So I found out a REALLY good use for Ratchet's Buzz Blades.... (Archived)IcyFlamez96712/1/2012
can't Wait for kat. (Archived)jdw1005912/1/2012
Sir Dan is way too slow and that level 1... (Archived)Retroxgamer0912/1/2012
Mmf, that Fat Princess menu music. (Archived)
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kratos needs a buff (Archived)lucapit312/1/2012
Eager to Battle (Archived)Grug16212/1/2012
Who's your worst character? (Archived)
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extra codes for vita version (Archived)darkseeker12312/1/2012
Are the 3rd costumes unlockable? (Archived)bmagic3712/1/2012
Looking for awesome PSASBR youtube channels! (Archived)Charlotte-chan312/1/2012
I think I might of met a Real Life Beavis & Butthead online .__. (Archived)Gamenamebully412/1/2012
Infinites on Sly (Archived)X_iLink_X612/1/2012
I don't get all the hate.. (Archived)TG_Wolf412/1/2012
how well do you guys take losing? (Archived)
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So the season ended (Archived)
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I wish the controller options for this game was better (Archived)Zanoooo612/1/2012
Raiden is not overpowered. Just good. (Archived)
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So I invited friends over and we played PSASBR and SSB (not SB >_>) (Archived)
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