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Medusa head means the streaming problem is fixed. (Archived)
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Almost picked this game up. (Archived)
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did they patch yet? (Archived)RaRaille311/30/2012
So, will you guys quit whining about Sackboy now? (Archived)SpacePirateKhan811/30/2012
Anyone else able to use titles? (Archived)ACE_113311/30/2012
Anyone seen a ragequitter (or DC'er in general) that could've won a match? (Archived)J-Don-Bonne411/30/2012
Anyone like Sandover Village? (Archived)
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LMFAO @ the salty tears of sadness people are crying about Sackboy being Nerfed (Archived)
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What does Madusa haed do? (Archived)
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Mew2King playing PASBR (Archived)
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Just got yelled at by a 14 year old for being a "spammer." (Archived)McFordmanson311/30/2012
Wait, wasn't the season supposed to end like in two days? (Archived)boy_luck911/30/2012
its pretty obvious who Kat's rival is going to be (Archived)Retroxgamer0911/30/2012
I think I just found a way to combo into Raiden's level 1 (Archived)
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Any1 with mic wanna 2v2 with me? (Archived)TidusofFFX111/30/2012
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is the online pass available to buy in the PS Store yet? (Archived)Shawwty08311/30/2012
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Who's the most balanced character right now? (Archived)
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