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Ratchet definitely needs a nerf (Archived)
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I think Items and hazards should stay in competitive. (Archived)Kindertotenwald612/1/2012
So with Sackboy being insanely nerfed instead of a tiny change to his level 3 (Archived)
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I need a 2 vs 2 partner (Archived)mtKing52412/1/2012
Did anyone read the entire credits? (Archived)RoboDaleGribble112/1/2012
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Online match issues. Invisible players (Archived)fhsfootball74712/1/2012
Upcoming Patch Notes (Archived)
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When will fighting game makers learn about online disconnects its this simple (Archived)SuddenEmotion1012/1/2012
So now that Sackboys getting nerfed, who will you all whine about now? (Archived)
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Got myself a copy but question about Online Pass (Archived)DivineKakarot412/1/2012
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How is the online community for this game? (Archived)btmudd28412/1/2012
How did you not know ranked stats were going to reset for each season? (Archived)2CRZY812/1/2012
Why did the season end early? (Archived)LeVulcan612/1/2012
What are your thoughts on the Coles? (Archived)
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Anyone FFA 3 stock mode? (Archived)Thunder097612/1/2012
Buff a move. Nerf a move. (Archived)Bestia_Somnia412/1/2012
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