Super Psyched for this.

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4 years ago#1
i bought the first game on XBM on a whim. I'm not a fan of racing game but because it's sega i gave it a shot. Probs one of my favourate game. So when i heard of a sequel i pre-ordered it first chance. Anyone else psyched about it.

shame no one is online right now though to play the first one
Get Sonic and Sega Racing people. It's a great game for all Sega Vets. - Nexuskeyblade add if you play
4 years ago#2
Eh, I am unmoved, unfortunately. I don't buy EVERYTHING with Sonic's face on it...
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4 years ago#3
I'm online and no one was playing earlier too. Usually I get a game of 6 going, makes me sad. Super keen for this game.
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4 years ago#4
I am not very psyched for it but I do trust SEGA because it is my favorite company since old times. I know that if a game is made by SEGA you will not be deceived and robbed of your money like other companies do nowadays.
4 years ago#5
as for this game its a must buy for me because like TC the previous game was one of my favorites which I still play with friends locally in 4P split.
4 years ago#6
My friends never liked Sonic & Sega All-Stars, so I hope this game wil lbring them around. I'll be so glad to play this when the online is alive, since I owned the PC version of the first game and I only got the console version 3 weeks ago.
3DS FC: 2750 - 1563 - 9751 (Australian - "Pan")
Mario Tennis Online: (S)Daisy
4 years ago#7
I am having a blast with it but I am still debating if I like this one or the original better. This one definitely has a much larger breadth of shout outs to Sega fans but the original IMHO so far had a bit better roster. I still have about half to go but the one I did find that hadn't been announced made me groan.

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