How to unlock avatar?

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4 years ago#1
I picked up the game today and I keep hearing talk about the unknown characters but I still haven't figured out how to unlock the ability to use your own avatar in the game. Anyone know how this is done? I keep reading that it's available.
4 years ago#2
Current unknown, you would have to wait for North America to get those information. Can you wait patiently?
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4 years ago#3
To unlock Avatar do Grand Prix mode and finish the first 6 cups until mirrored cups are unlocked. I have done all the cups in medium difficulty so i dont know if avatar will be unlocked by doing them in easy.
4 years ago#4
sorry for the wrong info...its the first 5 cups of grand prix not 6 cups. I didnt finish first in all races but i came first in all cups( just to add to the info) and when you do that, mirrored versions of the 5 cups will be unlocked. Beat them to get another character. I dont know which char it is yet because i am at the 7th cup right now. I hope that helps.

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