Just had one of those "HELL YEAH" wins. This is why I play.

#1DegalonPosted 12/25/2012 1:25:37 PM
IT was only my third race of the night, but had to stop there, too awesome, lol.

Was playing as Gum (Like always), AfterBurner track. Like in the previous game, Shadow managed to get like a full lap ahead. Next two laps, I managed to catch up. Then at the very very last stretch, it was an all out warzone. Bees, and everyone hurling all their items in a last ditch attempt to stop those in the lead.

I managed to drift round the shortcut with crates, without hitting any crates or bees, and boosted out of the drift to boost escape the drone that was about to hit me, which instead hit Shadow, and I boosted past him, taking 1st place at literally the last second. I stoop up in my room, started going "**** YEAH!, **** YEAH!"

Just one of those moments, plus like 3 stickers, best time in a matchmaking race, go from last place to a win, and one other. Best race I've had yet.

Its moments like those that I play this game for.
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#2nardinizzlePosted 12/26/2012 9:22:37 AM
I know what you mean, same aterburner carrier stage, I took a break from world tour mode to play some grand prix (mirror mode this time round). Everytime i come to that shortcut turn with all the boxes its an all out mess. Final lap is upon me im hanging in 4th place. we'll skip ahead 3rd place right on the heels of 2nd and 1st they decide to take the long way around, i say come on just make this turn once. flawless all the way thru purple drift boost right in to 1st for the win. Def one of the YEAH!!! moments.