Freezing issue?

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User Info: refmon

4 years ago#1
Ive had this game freeze 4 times on me but only after an online race, is this a disc issue or something with the game?
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User Info: baraatje123

4 years ago#2
With me it likely freezes when playing world tour, but I failed. Luckily It registers that I cleared it, so it is also good.

User Info: Edwin Lim

Edwin Lim
4 years ago#3
I only had this game froze on me twice so far and both freezes happened while loading a track in Time-Trial. I guess its most likely the time-trial servers crapping out or my internet crapping out when that happened.
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User Info: Hedgehog Master

Hedgehog Master
4 years ago#4
The freeze where it gets stuck on a black screen after Local / Online matches right?
yes. I've had this happen to me and many others have as well , and yes, it is something of a glitch within the game itself.

Theres thankfully a fix for it.
When you first startup the game, never immediately go into an online match. First go into Career and either do a challenge in Would tour, a GP race, or Single Race. Then, Once you start the race, pause and exit out.
from then on you shouldnt get the freeze anymore.
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User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 years ago#5
I've only gotten one freeze. In the vs race on Starlight Carnival, Amy didn't spawn when it was her turn, and when I "passed her", the game froze.
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