Is it true that the 3 PC Characters are on-disc in the 360 Version?

#1Ultim87Posted 1/19/2013 4:15:28 PM
If so, I'm even more disappointed about that. I HONESTLY wanted to play as Football Manager.
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#2SILKAPosted 1/19/2013 4:43:37 PM
Not true at all.
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#3baraatje123Posted 1/20/2013 2:54:14 AM
Yes they are, but only available through hacking
#4eviltom17Posted 1/22/2013 7:05:00 PM
Yes they are there, that's how they were first discovered before being officially announced, but seem to be only available via hacking.
#5EALionheartPosted 1/23/2013 4:14:24 PM
Do they start with one mod like everyone else, or do they have everything from the beginning?
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#6MilsoPosted 1/29/2013 9:54:34 AM
Not exactly. Some of their data is on there and it's possible to play as them with modding tools, but it's just left over data, I don't believe they have any of their sounds or All Star moves, etc.

It's the same as how Banjo Kazooie was technically on the disc of the PS3 version.