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User Info: __Fiale__

4 years ago#1
Have they always been able to transform into things? I can't really remember that on the Saturn NiGHTS.

Or is it something that came about in the wii NiGHTS?

It's just I was abit bummed to see Nights and Reala weren't really playable because they are their cars...

They look freaky as hell!
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User Info: pirajacinto

4 years ago#2
Wii NiGHTs I think.
It was great seeing Aerith run around Times Square and Pedigree opponents in the train station. - Strife2
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User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#3
It wouldn't even be that bad if you were just playing as them in vehicle forms...but it's the fact that there's a nightopian DRIVER that ruins it.

So you aren't even playing as say, NiGHTS in a car form. Nope, you are playing as a Nightopian DRIVING NiGHTS in a car form.
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User Info: CNash

4 years ago#4
Play NiGHTS again - it's on XBLA so you have no excuse! - and you'll see that NiGHTS transforms into vehicles in a couple of the levels.
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