Roulette Rush glitching online?

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3 years ago#1
So like, I was in first for the majority of the race online in Roulette Rush, I hit the goal at the end of lap two with the two other players far behind me. Announcer guy said I was dominating, owning the race and all that sheesh. The absolute SECOND I hit the goal starting the 3rd lap, the 30 second timer started, as there's no way to finish a lap on that stage in 30 seconds, I timed out while the other 2 players had apparently finished despite being a couple seconds behind me the entire race(No I was not a lap behind, it said 1st place like 90% of the race and announcer guy loved me as stated above).

I know this game is glitchy such as random disconnects affecting everyone in the race confirmed by the lobby sitting with the exact same people that were in the disconnecting race and the timer reset with a different stage.

I also heard the WiiU version needed a day 1 patch because it would spawn players inside the floor, all single player boost challenges were glitched as of December, and just flat-out crash up the anal cavity, but that's the Fisher Price Tablet version.

I'm sure this level is glitched, for online anyway. Why? This happened twice. With the same 2 other people. This also happens on Mirror.

I even tried this out and let someone pass me directly before lap 3, didn't happen, but I don't know if it was because the number of players changed, but it said I went from 1st to second as opposed to a static 1st like the other 2 glitchraces. Letting them pass me at the end of lap 2 is literally the only way for me to win on this stage for whatever reason in a 3 person race (Though I'm not sure if the number of players is what changed it or not).

Anyone else experience this or something similar in online?

Nonwalloftext version: Stayed in first the entire race of casinoland, race end timer started the exact second I crossed the finish line to start lap 3. Happened twice. Let dude pass me at 2nd lap finish, didn't glitch and times were pretty close. I mad.
3 years ago#2
I have just been informed by one of the guys I was racing with I was indeed ahead of him on that track. Why Sega suck at patching? I heard a while back certain achievements for SADX were unobtainable (The metal Sonic and missions achievements) but they might have fixed that.
3 years ago#3
As far as the PS3 version is concerned its still bug infested, I had the 4th lap glitch before on Adir's Lair, now I'm afraid to play on it
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