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3 years ago#1
1. How many "levels" of boost are there? When a normal race starts, you can get 3 levels of boost, and I assume you can go even further with items.

2. What is the meaning of the boost stat? Boost duration? Extra speed during a boost?

3. I'm kinda unsure how much I should be using drifts to get boosts. Should I try it anywhere I can, or should I leave it only for very specific turns? Does the vehicle lose speed when drifting, even if I keep accelerating, or does it maintain the current speed at the time I start drifting?

Thanks in advance.
3 years ago#2
1. There are 3 levels of boost, depending on how long you hold your powerslide.

2. It's boost speed I believe.

3. If you're a pro, you'll be drifting all you can constantly. The main problem with drifting is that you lose control and hit things, which will slow you down, but drifting itself does not slow you down really.

Also when you're in the air do tricks; you'll get a boost when you land.
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3 years ago#3
1. Just to be sure my question was clear: I know you can only get a "level 3" boost with drifting; but what if I get a level 3 with drifting and then, for example, use two boost items? Will they take my boost to higher levels of speed, or does it cap at 3?

3. Then, do you know if the vehicle keeps accelerating during a boost? I wonder if it should be mostly used when you're already at your top speed.

Again, thanks in advance.
3 years ago#4
there r 7 lvls of boost and ur car does keep accelerating at each me i know.i am a boost master
3 years ago#5
3. Oops, I meant to ask: do you know if the vehicle keeps accelerating during a DRIFT? Typed "boost" instead of "drift" by mistake, my bad.
3 years ago#6
when u start a drift the current speed u r goin will be maintained.unless u hit a wall,or let go of the drift button..but there r 7 lvls of boost and the max drift boost u can get is a lvl 3....if u wanna know my gamertag.its R3alDop3
3 years ago#7
You can only get a level 3 boost through drifting; however with the aid of the boost panels and items, you can go higher though I don't know how many more additional levels there are, but I think it's one more. When you've gone beyond level 3, your vehicle's flames will shoot out in spiral form.

The main focus of the game is boosting. So yes, you should try and keep drifting for as long as you can. Unlike the first game, you no longer lose your boost charge when switching your drifts left and right, done by letting go and immediately pressing the drift button while holding the steering control in the opposite direction. Just remember that when you do switch drifts, the time it takes to reach the next charge resets. You don't lose speed when drifting.

Boost stats mean durability. The higher the boost stat, the easier it is to reach level 3 and beyond.
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3 years ago#8
like i said there r 7 lvls of boost.lvl 1 is red baby flame.lvl2 is purple,lvl3 boost is blue,lvl 4 boost is orange,lvl5 boost is a blue boost with long flames,lvl 6 boost is when its orange with rings around it,,and lvl 7 is achieved when u use a triple boost,,and it goes beyond lvl 6 when the screen pulls away,and u see line streaks on the screen,,and the boost stats represents how long the boost lasts,,trust me i know,i dont use character under 5 boost stats,..the key to goin real fast is to chain boosts,when u can chain boosts with stunts and drifts simultaneously,,u will become a beast,u can go thru the course at max speed and blow the competition,if u can avoid gettin hit wit items the 1st lap,,no1 will be able to keep up wit u,if u use a high speed character,cuz when u r in the lead, u slow down and every1 else is goin faster than u,but that concludes my advice,just practice and u will get better trust me
3 years ago#9
Well, well, well, if it isn't RealDOP! The one that lost to my Meme 3 times in 1 day, made you ragequit 2 of those races and you started crying. I must've made you quit playing this game, we haven't seen you on in like 3 weeks, did my Meme make you give up? LOL
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3 years ago#10
listen above,i dont have time 2 argue and debate with u on a webpage,but i have found something better 2 do wit my time,and even though i havent been playing the game,i can still drive circles around u with a blindfold on with my hands behind my back,,so until i feel like u have improved i might make a return,but until then,,im gonna stay absent from the scene,,soo au revoir
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