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3 years ago#11
theoneonlyone posted...
...cuz when u r in the lead, u slow down and every1 else is goin faster than u...

Really? Do you know if this applies only to the lead, or does the slow-down apply proportionally to your place in the race (3th place would be faster than 2nd, and 2nd would be faster than 1st)?
3 years ago#12
no,it only applies 2 1st place,which means a character like mee mee or amigo would have a hard time leading a
3 years ago#13
RealDOP, feel free to return so that I may put you in your place, like always. and you're not doing anything better with your time, who do you think you're fooling? LOL
I'm 2nd. to God's power. I'm the semi-supreme being. XBL Gamer Tag: AboveOmnipotent
3 years ago#14

I see, thanks!

A couple more questions:

4. Do stunts also cap at 3 levels like drifts, or will I get a level 4 boost if I do 4 stunts in a row in mid-air before landing?

5. What about boost panels and boost items, do they each add a single level to the boost, or do they add more?

Again, thanks in advance.
3 years ago#15
ok when do stunts,try to do different ones,than do like 4 flips in a row,cuz if u do 4 flips in a row,all u will get is a lvl 3 boost,but if u do a front flip and backflip,and 2 barrel rolls,u will get a lvl 4 boost and it will last way longer than them 4 flips u did...and using a boost and hitting boost panels will take ur current boost 2 the next lvl,and btw 1 boost item,is an automatic lvl 4 boost remember that,anymore questions feel free to ask,i will answer them as honestly as i can
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