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How is this compared to Mario Kart 7? (Archived)Branchos411/22/2012
wow the nights level is incredable!! (Archived)mistermet68511/22/2012
All Star Themes (Archived)Mechalon411/22/2012
Metal Sonic (Archived)pokemega32211/22/2012
STUNT...uhFAILED. (Archived)SigmaLongshot1011/22/2012
Is it possible to turn off the AI in splitscreen? (Archived)monday nitro211/22/2012
Any shenmue/ VF / VF KIDS character in this game?? (Archived)wingwing2009211/22/2012
Kart Handling: 1st Game vs. "Transformed" (Archived)
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SEEEEEEGGGGGAAAAAAAAA!!!! omg (Archived)youngbro711/21/2012
just did an online race (Archived)sshadow5002611/21/2012
Is it just me or does it take considerably longer to charge up level 2/3 boosts? (Archived)juiceman4519411/21/2012
Any Genesis and Dreamcast fans nostalgia-gasming over this? Gamertag Thread!!! (Archived)
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Boost Start ? (Archived)
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So what's the FULL list of characters? (Archived)HF92811/21/2012
The Stages Indicates DLC Characters For Each That's Not In The Game Yet (Archived)Above Omnipotence911/21/2012
*Spoiler* Unlockable Christmas present (Archived)TheEvilConducto311/21/2012
Can you do air tricks in the game? (Archived)tonyt5211/21/2012
Cameo Characters in the tracks! Which ones have you found? (Archived)Degalon311/21/2012
BRING BACK RYO please :( (Archived)Pirate Wez111/21/2012
Should the girl in Wreck It Ralph be here? (Archived)DEATH2SONY211/21/2012
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