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What characters have max handling? (Archived)Branchos311/18/2012
Tracks in this game compared to first (Archived)DarkhorseActual811/18/2012
my gamestop doesn't have the game. (Archived)summerclaw911/18/2012
Low image quality - blurry/jaggy (Archived)samvo411/18/2012
No super sonic? (Archived)NightmareGamma511/18/2012
Nights........ (Archived)
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For those who have played it so far, can we still turn off rubber band AI? (Archived)NovaLevossida711/18/2012
Football Manager (Archived)hobotech64211/17/2012
I hate how bumping into someone can ruin your entire race (Archived)Branchos711/17/2012
Anyone played with the audio options yet :D (Archived)sshadow5002211/17/2012
THis game is getting great reviews and is a great game, it deserves success. (Archived)Revival125411/17/2012
Alex KIdd (is he in?) (Archived)SipherX05411/17/2012
Toys r us has it out now for $40 (Archived)ExplorerSP511/17/2012
Who the helll is Danicia patrick and why is she in this game? (Archived)MilkinNipple911/17/2012
Anyone having trouble with Traffic attack hard mode in Keil's carnage? (Archived)dannystar64111/17/2012
Framerate Drop in Split-Screen? Where? (Archived)GEL111/17/2012
online multiplayer any good? (Archived)oxman2k411/17/2012
This game deserves more attention (Archived)Branchos311/17/2012
How do you get an all-star item? (Archived)samvo311/17/2012
Got the game. The game is awesome...just 2 complaints( spoilers) (Archived)
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