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Impressions... *spoilers I suppose, super duper excessively long sorry* (Archived)
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Amazing Ampharos1211/15/2012
characters (Archived)
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what... no billy hatcher or big the cat? (Archived)
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I love that this game actually feels FAST (Archived)MilkinNipple511/15/2012
XBOX and SAR team just announced a new controller scheme! (Archived)TomokoNagisa511/15/2012
anyone with an early copy here? (Archived)gokuKOG911/15/2012
May sound stupid but I seem to have fallen in love with Danica Patrick (Archived)gokuKOG411/15/2012
Anyone have any links of the outrun course (Archived)Ikaruga_DC111/15/2012
Is this game supposed to come out today or on the 18th? (Archived)Bendilin511/15/2012
Looks like Ristar is in this game after all (Archived)SR71halo211/15/2012
Music I've identified so far from footage... *music & stage spoilers* (Archived)Sombrero_Shadow211/14/2012
as the rooms get smaller i get stronger (Archived)SidPhillips711/14/2012
Gamefaqs release date is wrong (Archived)jpraelster511/14/2012
Wii U version higher fps? (Archived)Super_What511/14/2012
What happened to the topic of the person who already has the game? (Archived)PedroMontana511/14/2012
Is there any reason to get this on Wii U instead of Xbox? (Archived)Degalon411/14/2012
Well, it's a good time to give up... (Archived)TomokoNagisa111/14/2012
The GFaqs boards are inactive, should I be concerned? (Archived)TeaStrife511/13/2012
So this game comes out on a sunday (Archived)jpraelster411/13/2012
System Link? (Archived)termmy789411/13/2012
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