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How do I unlock the last cup in Gran Prix? (Archived)SuperShadowAce312/28/2012
What is a super jump? (Archived)Jonbazookaboz612/27/2012
Literally EVERY online match tonight disconnected at the finish line. (Archived)Degalon712/27/2012
This game is fun, but HARD as hell. (Archived)NewportBox100s612/26/2012
Question on the guest characters (Archived)Galileoslipper412/26/2012
Should I get this or Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing? (Archived)lightsout1812/26/2012
got this game for $26.00 at best buy. (Archived)StarmanAnthony212/26/2012
MeeMee sounds so funny (Archived)DEATH2SONY212/26/2012
Alex Kidd Is Now Playable! (Archived)Above Omnipotence712/26/2012
Space stage is awesome (Archived)DEATH2SONY912/26/2012
Just had one of those "HELL YEAH" wins. This is why I play. (Archived)Degalon212/26/2012
I love this game (Archived)serpentaurus212/25/2012
Wow, this game got an 8/10 from GI, I'm suprised. (Archived)
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Xmas is almost upon us. How many of you actually waited for your gift from Sega. (Archived)nardinizzle612/24/2012
Character tier list? (Archived)Focusflute612/24/2012
Beat all Expert Ghosts normal, mirrored and Outrun Bay.... (Archived)supershadonic212/24/2012
tempted to get this game, is it worth it? (Archived)xxchosterxx712/23/2012
So I convinced myself to buy this for the full $40 retail. (Archived)
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What cc class is the time trial car running at? (Archived)Edwin Lim712/22/2012
Yup, the online is pretty messed up at times (video) (Archived)SteadyShark712/22/2012
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