Live Commentary with The Girlfriend - Nuketown 2025

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Hi guys, I'm iGBx. A long time COD player from the good old days of COD4.
I'm a Machinima partner and have a YouTube channel called iGBxRated with lots of Dark Souls videos and a few Demon's Souls videos.
I just uploaded my first Black Ops 2 video, with live commentary and playing with my girlfriend.
Have a look and if you enjoy feel free to subscribe as I will be uploading quite a lot!

Let the games begin.
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Who are you and why do you have your sister pretending to be your girlfriend?
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I'll have to take a look once I get some free time. Umbasa!! :-D
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I disliked it just to be a douche. Didn't even watch it but I had a good laugh.
I agree but I don't agree on your multiple troll topics. Therefor I am neutral.
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You will get more views if you upload a video of me.playing with your gf.
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Where are you from?
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dialdfordesi posted...
Where are you from?

I'm from Wales in the UK. I live in a tiny village in the South Wales valleys.
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What is this tiny village u speak of? Coz im in south wales and fed up of people calling Caerphilly a tiny village! ;-) lol
#10iGBx(Topic Creator)Posted 11/13/2012 7:08:42 AM
Tynant / Beddau
You live in a medium sized town that I've been to many times.
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