I thought MW3 was pretty bad when I first got it

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Seeing how I keep getting a error message right now, I decided to try mw3 again and good god. 2 matches in and I already starting to get annoyed with the inconsistent damage you get and deal with each person. Ending up playing some infected instead, which lag comp isn't that important. Kind of disappointed that infected isn't in BO2
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orphanjohn posted...
shockwavematty posted...
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.


I have almost completely forgot that mistake of a game thanks to this, but I almost didn't even get Blops2 because of MW3. That's just my 2 cents.

Which proves how obtuse you are considering

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I am loving this game! Zombies are much better than BO1 which is a great thing to me and well as I suck on Black Ops 2... Lots of fun none the less. Maps are nice though a lot feel small... Could deal without the many games of host leaving because they die and than I'm stuck at the loading screen till I close game and open again lol.
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Ice Weasel posted...
The only problem I have with this game so far is the number of annoying 2nd-storey camper spots there are. Taking a flag in Domination can be an extremely frustrating experience, as it's almost impossible to ensure every single camper perch is clear. There are also an absolutely ridiculous number of head-glitching sports. Every map is littered with them.

This can be an issue. However this is supposed to make you play with a bit of strategy. Go and clear those areas with your TEAM, don't just rush blindly onto a flag and let yourself get killed. Then when you have those vantage points, call for your team to get on the flag and cover them.

I feel like this game pushes for more teamwork. The games I've won are usually those where a team with mics is actually using them for the game, not for trash talking their teammates.
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People are going to realise that MW3 wasn't as bad as they thought, you wait. People get so into the hype of a new COD that they hate on the current one, but as soon as the new one comes out and realise with everything good thing they have added to it there are bad things that go along with it.

You remember when MW2 came out. There was 8 thousand threads with people saying they will never buy another COD. Same people are doing the same thing to this one. I got to play one game in an hour last night. I'm just waiting till they patch it then I'm gonna be on it everyday just like every one of them that comes out.
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shockwavematty posted...
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.

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*yawn* - IW > Treyarch thread #2,153...
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shockwavematty posted...
Pfft mw3 is garbage compared to this.

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Wow not me. I'm not a mw3 hater by any means. I put serious playtime into that game. The thing I started to hate was Marksman/Assassin. They were both cheap and overused. I didn't care for bo1 but bo2 I am liking a lot.
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