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User Info: Souleater_Grim

4 years ago#1
How long did it take for you guys to install? It's going incredibly slow for me. I started twenty minutes ago and it's only at 4%... Guess I'll play 999 on my DS 'till this thing finishes.

User Info: SoaD0031

4 years ago#2
The first maybe two minutes of mine went incredibly slow, but then it picked up the pace dramatically and finished maybe a few minutes later.
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User Info: imdwpn

4 years ago#3
the first time i did it took about 15 minutes to complete then deleted it

i suggest u do the the self clean (hold eject button then put power cable in) after i did that i went to install again and it completed under 10 minutes and the dvd drive didnt make as much noise the first time i installed
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User Info: Virobot

4 years ago#4
It took like 5 minutes from 0-5%, then rapidly finished the remaining 95% in a few minutes.

User Info: Shadow_of_Deth

4 years ago#5
My PS3 made a bunch of noise for the first few minutes and it went extremely slow. Then it picked up a few % in, total time about 10 minutes.

User Info: Ikasnu

4 years ago#6
Delete current installation, exit, re-enter, reinstall. I had this problem too, but deleted the information that I had already installed, then tried it again and it worked normally.

Also I have to say that with it downloaded, the menu screen and game run slightly smoother.
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User Info: xkllleruzi

4 years ago#7
It took me about 3 minutes to complete from 0-100% lol I have a brand new 320 GB Slim that I got a week ago though so idk

User Info: RiceManDan

4 years ago#8
It went like 4mb every second for me.
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