For those who think this is the worst CoD in recent years....

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Sl3pniir posted...
I don't have problems TC. What I do have is called an oppinion and there are many others out there like it but this one is mine.

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Many people claim the first Black Ops was superb yet that game (on pS3) had framerate stuttering, horribly bad resolution and anti aliasing and had a half a second delay for about when aiming for about a week. It was almost unplayable.

Granted, most issues were fixed, after about 9 million patches, but it still retains it's bad visual and stuttering. It's hasn't even been a week yet and it's the worst CoD ever?

By this logic, you might as well call every online MP shooter the worst game ever months before it's release because they ALWAYS have issues. Honestly, if you can't anticipate problems at launch by now, idk what to you.
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reggiekray posted...
Every year it's the "worst one ever." Every year they come crawling back for more

Just because its worse than the year before doesn't mean its still not the best FPS out there? That is the issue most people have.

You look at Call of Duty and its the same game but you still get it because there is a new angle and thats what everyone will be playing. Yes BO and MW3 are still being played but if you want a large and diverse community the newest game is where its at.

Until there is the next big thing everyone will flock to COD.

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Bonez90 posted...
You obviously have problems. You are still going to buy the next CoD, just like you bought the previous CoDs. Stop your complaining, and enjoy the game.

Btw, this game owns

agree with everything you said
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This game does own... Best fps series period... I play on xbx, pay for connections, an we've still been having lag, disconnect, disband parties while enter games... But expected I guess, for a week or two,... With hackers an spyware an all the constant attacks Fri cheaters... I rented red box for a day, had to buy... Kinda like the 10/10 setup on this one does allowy for more deversity. Don't have to rock second gun or grenades, instead max perk out on ur gun. Has its ups an Downs. New multi team mode rocks... Seen trying to get zombie dlc, bout game thinking I was getting that too, only got multi player ) ; miss the days of up down left right a b b a repeat to unlock content!
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Coming from someone that absolutely hates the series in general. BLOPs 2 I actually kinda liked.
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Its the best cod game out there not saying much but it deserves credit
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This is the most fun I've had as far as MP goes since the original MW. Freezing or games failing to start is annoying but I forget all about it once I'm in a match.
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I wouldn't know TC, mine doesn't work for more than 30 seconds........
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