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4 years ago#21
I actually don't know what my stats are but I don't even have to look to know I am struggling in this game more than any other. Even my MW 3 KDR was waaaaaay higher.
4 years ago#22
K/d - 2.5
Spm - 516
W/l 2.85 :)
Prestige 2, less than 14 hours :)
Good start!
PSN-sece1212 / 15th prestige Lvl 80. 2.27 K/D 2.41 W/L
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4 years ago#23
Its hard too maintain good stats in this game, in mw3 I had a 2.25 kd and a 83% wl. Stats will probably go up as I learn the maps.
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4 years ago#24
K/D - 2.32
W/L - 1.38

1st Prestige, Solo Ground War
4 years ago#25
K/D 1.53
W/L 1.3ish

SPM: 410 or so..
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4 years ago#26
Level 54, Prestige 0

K/D: 2.03
W/L: 0.63
SPM: 593.6

Usually just jump into random rooms solo, so my W/L suffers because of that.
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4 years ago#27
TDM player for the most part.

Level 54, No Prestige
K/D 3.19
W/L 2.73 (73%)
SPM 322

Just for reference so people don't think I'm gaining an advantage from Lag Comp:

MW3(Hated it and only played it until level 80):
K/D 2.48
W/L 82%

BO1(Loved it and played to 14 Prestige, 80):
K/D 3.28
W/L 66%
4 years ago#28
K/D is around 1.1
W/L is about 0.55.

Inconsistent scores lately. My k/d was closer to 1.5 in BO (spent a lot of time raising it from my abysmal starting point as BO was my first CoD really). Never really played MW3 so can't remember, think it was around 1.1 as well.
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4 years ago#29
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4 years ago#30
Black Ops 2
KD- 1.61
WL- 1.63

In the first Black Ops I had

KD- 2.70
WL- 2.80

It will come on time though. Didn't have the best start in this game and stopped playing MW3 after the first month so it'd been over a year since I played any FPS. Try playing RPG's and Strategy games for a year with no COD and see what happens lol.
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