I don't see the problem...

#1re4235Posted 11/18/2012 11:12:00 PM
Granted yes the game did freeze once but it was in a sitting of a few hours. I have faith that it will get fixed sooner or later. But people seriously describe the PS3 version of black ops 2 as being this horrible cut and paste mess. I played this in full 1080p today and my god it looked outstanding. Normal PS3 CoDs don't look this smooth, it feels like the frame rate stays very fluent, and there was no screen tearing, lag, lag shooting, hit detection screw ups, or anything.

And they describe the Xbox version as this godly version of CoD, and I bet you couldn't even tell the difference if you didn't know it was the PS3 version and you were trying to spot differences.

No trolls please, what's your opinion on the overall performance? Minus the freezing.
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don't tell me what to do.
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do you even lift?
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did you even stretch, doe?
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