This Game is 100% Trash

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thompsontalker7 posted...
No one else post

Watch me douche here!
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bump TC speaks the truth
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This game's MP was pretty bad at launch, but now everything seems fine to me. Haven't had any one of my friends freeze over the past 2 days, and I'm enjoying MP. Haven't gotten far in SP, so that glitch might happen to me eventually, though.
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Thanks for your mature well thought out points as to why you don't like it, you should be a professional writer tc
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You're 100% trash.
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blops 2 is cool but I miss the support streaks

ending streaks on deaths just makes more players camp in spots and wait for peeps to run into their ambush. gets old fast. But we do have split screen bot mode! Not like beating online strangers generates any actual RL benefit.Maybe a squirt of dopamine if you are into it.
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its funny watching you guys try to justify your 60 rehash every year.
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