Fix for "unavailable server" error

#1rndmhero69Posted 11/20/2012 12:27:43 AM
I have not been able to get online since Friday. It started out as my game freezing in the opening credits and me logging out before starting just to bypass the freeze only to get the unavailable server message. The 1.03 update fixed the freeze but not the server issue. I tried everything to get it to work but nothing did. I was able to sign on to my account on my sons ps3 but not mine.Then I remembered that I had deleted the 1.02 update and reinstalled it to see if that fixed the freeze but it didnt, but what I forgot was that I never reinstalled my nuketown map after reinstalling the update. I reinstalled the map and I was able to get on right away. I think the server issue was that since I had the map before every thng happened, but after the update I never put it back on so it causes an error with the server because its trying to load a server that you used with that map or something like that.