Treyarch literally gives people the tools to camp with.

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Only read post 1, solutions:

1. Target finder/mms? COLD BLOODED. When target finders expect to see you they don't look if you have cold blooded its really easy.

2. Shock charges? Bouncing berries? Hmm maybe tactical mask and flak jacket? And going prone when you hear Betty goes off? It's really not that difficult. Then practice, and learn where people hide,
Toss a flash bang in or shock charge the get a free headshot, you can even have scavenger for even more fun with grenades.

1. The Baby sight still flashes red even when you have cold blooded on

2. I shouldn't have to wear a freaking tactical mask for shock charges. Flakjacket should negate the effects..How the hell does a mask--*Sigh* Treyarch logic.

With cold blooded target finder pretty much is just like an acog sight, so you can't complain about that when it is a simple counter, and really now you are complaining about the reality of the game? How the hell does having scavenger enable you to get ammonia for your gun even when you have a shotgun and they have a sniper rifle? If you are going to complain about something begin op, then counter it, complaining instead of using the counter they give you is pretty immature.