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4 years ago#1
treyarch are all run/gun players thats why they cater to these types of players.

now that theres no stealth perk im an open target out there so I realy have to camp now.
before I could move around here and there, but since i cant move freely now Im sticking to one area and let them all come at me. im no accrobatic gun fighter, I predict and intercept. but since my location has been broadcast for everyone to know, I'll just wait for them to come at me and camp the whole game.
I bet there will be more campers on this game than any cod tittles, thanks treyarch ^_^
moew mix
4 years ago#2
you cant ignore me i know you haters come get me!
moew mix
4 years ago#3
dont feed your mogwai after midnight
4 years ago#4
whats a mogwai? but anyway camping rules!!!!
moew mix

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