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4 years ago#21
My PC sucks too much to even run speed test (9 year old PC ftl), but I do know my connection speed.

0.5 MBps upload, 1.5 MBps download. Yes, my connection SUCKS. *sigh* Freaking Netzero...
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4 years ago#22
How exactly does the lag comp work?
4 years ago#23
I wish we had better internet choices in Canada.
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4 years ago#24
Here you go
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4 years ago#25
3 and a half potatoes a second.
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4 years ago#26

I have no idea if this is any good or not, but I haven't been having any major problems with the game yet.
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4 years ago#27

this one is my the speed at my office. my speed at home should be nearly identical to this, why my speed at home was 1/3 this speed last night when i tested, i have no idea. doesnt make any difference though, the lag comp problem is pretty much the same regardless of which one im playing on.
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