Only the people with below average K/D ratio say they don't care about KDR.

#71juker79Posted 11/28/2012 7:13:42 AM
Disagree with the topic. My K/D is probably 0.7 and I care very much about K/D; just not my own. Overall K/D for a team generally leads to victory.
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xrem1217 posted...
I have a 2.36 KDR and I don't care about my KDR. Highest KD on this game was like 3.01, without trying. It's dropped to 2.36 because I really REALLY don't try anymore, less than I did when it came out. I just "play". I have a 3+ on the other games, and If I were to "try" constantly it'd be much higher.

On this game I just don't care at all. I do leave games that are really bad (constant lag/freezing, extremely stacked, etc.) but otherwise, I'll get a bad K/D in a game and not care.

Come at me.

For someone who doesnt care about KD you sure do check it a lot.
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Like has been said, K/D tells you very little. It's a stat. I like stats. I like knowing them. Stats rarely lie, but they don't tell the whole truth and people think they can gather more information from them then they really can.

I can't say I don't care at all about my K/D, but I can say I don't really think about it. I don't like dying, but I hate losing. It's impossible to put value on many of the things that people do to help the team win. Is dying while shooting down a killstreak helpful or detrimental? Sure, you give the enemy points towards another killstreak or points toward the objective, but you may have saved three deaths from your team mates by doing so. 1 death verses 3 deaths is easy math.

What about the guy escorting the flag carrier? What if he's a god awful gun fighter, but he follows behind and ends up taking the bullets for the flag carrier, allowing him to get away or kill the attacker? How do you put value on that? Is he more or less valuable then the guy on the other side of the map who is engaging the enemy? Hard to say because it depends on the situation. The other guy is tying up more of the enemy but the bullet shield directly protected him.

Long story short, it's a team game. I'll take a crap player who understands that over a great player who doesn't.
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From: HNKS | #072
For someone who doesnt care about KD you sure do check it a lot.

There's a difference between caring if you have a good score and being curious what yours is.
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naw i actually don't care about it and i wouldn't say mine is below average. i'm much more concerned with my score per minute. also confirms and denies in KC since MW3.
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I have a 1.3 k/d so I guess not the best but it's not terrible. I just enjoy playing objectives too much to care about my k/d.
#77tgoudyPosted 11/29/2012 9:46:33 AM
CoreyKoehn posted...
I have a 1.3 k/d so I guess not the best but it's not terrible. I just enjoy playing objectives too much to care about my k/d.

And see that's the thing that a lot of k/d elitists ignore and this conversation has been going on since k/d started being tracked.

It's a lot easier to get a good k/d if you ignore objectives. We've all played those games where your team is actually playing for the win and the other team is camping pathways away from the objective to pick of the sheep (like me) blindly running towards objectives. The game finishes, the other team has an 3 k/d average, but they lost the game by 200 points. Congratulations, your stats look great but you did jack to actually help your team.

Does everyone that has a high k/d do this? Of course not. My point is that k/d doesn't tell the whole story.

That being said, I DO need to be more aware on my way to objectives. That's one of my biggest weakness (that and chronic reloading). I die, spawn, and run stupidly back to the objective, often getting picked off before getting there because I'm too focused on one thing.
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K/D don't tell everything, YES, but they do tell a lot. How often do you succeed in what you do? If you have a high k/d and low spm, you are a camper and unless you get killstreaks often, I don't want you in my team. If you have a high spm, low K/D, you are a rusher who dies a lot but also accomplishes objectives - but since you keep dying so much you are not that successful at it - still I'd rather have you over the camper who can't get killstreaks often.

Now if you have above average k/d and spm - then these are the players that are golden to have in any team.
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I love how everyone who says they don't care about k/d knows it to the hundredths digit lol
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I'll be honest I really dont. I'm so OCD I get caught up on unlocking things. So I'm about doing the challenges and unlocking all the gold camo. And if I did care about k/d I stopped when I was working on the gold crossbow and gold combat knife... lol
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