Yemen and Turbine are the worst

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Lauz84 posted...
Am i the only one who doesnt really like Slums?
Its "okay", because i dont really "hate" a map, but i find it to be one of my least favorites, in combination with meltdown..

Slums is meh. It's not that good of a map, but it's not as bad as, oh, say HIJACKED.

I like Meltdown though, but that's probably because it is somewhat similar to Launch from BO1 (which was my favorite map on that game).
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Yemen is about good eyes, and shooting long. Having a mixed team of people that can handle CQB and those that are good at range.

CQB and CQC are the same, just so you know. There is no difference other than the words "battle" and "combat". Show me any reference to them being different.

Also, Yemen can be full of campers, but most people seem to still move around like they do on other maps. Turbine, I like. OP, what do you find wrong with it? I also don't have a problem with Carrier. It's all about strategy, not running out into the open mindlessly.

Ever played Metal Gear Solid 4?

CQC is that stuff that Snake does when he chokes, holds, disarms people with his hands.
CQB is that stuff that SFOD-D and SEALs are proficient in.


Hope you learnt something new today.
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Yemen is awesome. It's Turbine and Carrier that are the worst.

Carrier is fine.

Maybe if you like to sit back and head glitch.

I run and gun every map. So no. Yemen and Turbine are huge camp fests with many choke points

Yemen is awesome for running around. There are a lot of camp spots but no big open areas so it's easy to go from camp spot to camp spot picking them off. I just went 32-5 witch knifing
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the only map i dont enjoy is Drone...i really have no fun playing it. The map i do the worst at is i think called overflow(the one thats in like istanbul i think)
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i actually dislike yemen, but, i always seem to do good on it, regardless.
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Lauz84 posted...
Am i the only one who doesnt really like Slums?
Its "okay", because i dont really "hate" a map, but i find it to be one of my least favorites, in combination with meltdown..

I don't really like slums, but it's growing on me a little

I HATE meltdown though, and I don't even know why. I loved launch, but I just always do terrible on meltdown
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I love Turbine but despise Yemen.
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carrier is fine so long as you play game modes that force aggressive play, turbine is fantastic all around, I do hate yemen though, any map built around giving the player hundreds of windows to get shot from irritates me.
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drone and carrier are 2 maps i would like deleted from my game disc
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Funny this topic was made. A couple of days ago my friend and I were both talking about maps we couldn't stand and we agreed on these two maps. Yemen is hit or miss with me but I absolutely despise Turbine. Too much b****assnes on that map for me.