It's not the game, it is you.

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4 years ago#1
This is the best installment of call of duty since cod4, but you all seem to enjoy riding the QQ train all day. I'm not here to argue about what game is better, I want to argue with the butthurt individuals.

Lag comp?
Bad spawns?
Come at me with it all!
4 years ago#2
psn id "rajas".
4 years ago#3
cirus 7 posted...
PSN ID: Troll_Face_Flame (formerly armyflame) X360 gamertag: ArmyFlame9
Sonic Adventure 2 = the last GOOD Sonic game.
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
The ego is strong in this one
4 years ago#6
What's the QQ train? (Looking for game reviewers!) | YouTube:
4 years ago#7
cirus 7 posted...
/fail what i did to my old 360
PSN: aMidget also: Rainbow_Army
4 years ago#8
An I you don't have anything to say, feel free to continue quoting "/fail" I'm quite content being front and center on the forum :)
4 years ago#9
Im not sure what the purpose of this topic is???
4 years ago#10
TC is clearly either troll, or somehow hasn't experienced losing a gunfight where you shot minimum 10 bullets only to see in the killcam that you never shot a single one.
PSN ID: Dark_Paradigm
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  3. It's not the game, it is you.

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