emblem editor glitch?

#1qwerbleXPosted 11/29/2012 2:53:26 PM
so idk if this is common or not, but i tried to make a new emblem and now it shows up that i have multiple emblems but there is no picture of them so i can't tell which is which, and i can't seem to delete emblems either. anyone else experienced a glitch like this? it's rather bizarre.
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#2TehLazyOnePosted 11/29/2012 3:10:53 PM
same happened here...
If my emblems are truly gone... I'm gonna be bummed. maybe pissed.

What's going on?
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#3checkkemdubsPosted 11/29/2012 3:48:57 PM
Same anyone else experiencing this? It also had a weird entrance main screen it kind of messed up and a red flash appeared, I don't know
#4xGalladePosted 11/29/2012 3:51:32 PM
Another victim here. I worked so hard on my Jolteon emblem and I'd be pissed as f*ck if it's truly gone.

What's going on? Will this be fixed soon?
#5qwerbleX(Topic Creator)Posted 11/29/2012 4:33:05 PM
i really don't know why this is happening. hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch? idk if they know about it though. i might make a topic on the CoD forums if there isn't one already.
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#6Gray_Fox_5Posted 11/30/2012 7:06:51 AM
Weird glitches happened to me after Prestige...when were you affected?
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