Why are people so annoying on the mic?

#21Prototype_1Posted 11/30/2012 10:20:20 AM
The average person from ages 9-15 (who TECHNICALLY shouldn't be playing a rated M game) who play this game way too much each and everyday who think they are the best at this game series keep opening their mouths and spew self-promoting garbage like "im da best!! look at mi and my boi's we gona clan up and you dont stnd a chanse we gonna kil uous all!" blah blah blah! "Look at me I have a microphone and do not have enough self control to be a human being with respect and a proper vocabulary to avoid sounding like a complete moron." My personal opinion is that anyone who buys this game should be given an IQ test to see if you have enough brain cells to rub together in order to form a complete and proper sentence that is not profanity laced, racial in nature, and is coherent and not ending in a preposition. If you pass, you are allowed to have access to and use a mic. If not, then you can not use a mic or have access to the feature or have your vocal cords ripped out and be sterilized to prevent further diluting of the gene pool.
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