is there a list on how to get all permanent perks?

#1TidusofFFXPosted 12/1/2012 12:12:51 PM
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#2MysticRacer408Posted 12/1/2012 12:18:30 PM
Current Confirmed Perks:

Quick Revive Perma Perk - Get 15-20 revives in a single game.

Irn-Bru Perma Perk(Metal bar's instead of wood bars) - Repair a hell of alot of windows in one game. (Not sure how many)

Deadshot Daquiri Perma Perk - Get 2 head shots with one bullet in a game.

I know most of you already know these. But I will be updating this thread once more perks are confirmed.

Possibilities/Ideas: (Most likely wrong)

PHD Flopper - Apparently it's something to do with dolphin dives, grenade kills or grenade
and ray gun fails(Getting damage from the grenade/ray gun) <<This is not yet confirmed!!!

Mule Kick - Buy every gun/equipment off the wall <<Again, NOT YET CONFIRMED!!

Juggernog - Get hit and survive a certain amount of times. << Not confirmed...

These are all I have so far.