not trolling but do you think cod is getting stale and barely lasts a year

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The articles only say that BO sold less than MW3 in a certain period of time. Obviously COD wasn't gonna keep breaking records every year. It's still making billions of dollars tho, nothing has changed.
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I played BLOPS1 for a full year then played MW3 for a bit, didn't like it and returned to BLOPS1 and played that again till BLOPS2 came out. I for one like the game and will probably be playing it through MW4 which I don't plan on getting.

This is probably what I'm going to be doing. Well, at least through my friends that is. I usually only played COD when my friends were over and brought it over themselves.

Bought BLOPS1 a good while later (after MW3) and played it occasionally.

Probably will be getting BLOPS 2 at a sale price around christmas or on boxing day. Getting the map packs this time around too. Liked Black Ops 1 better than MW2 and MW3, and like Black Ops 2 better than those two as well. Also like some of the changes they've made in this game from Black Ops 1 (love the pick 10 system).

So yeah, for me it's the opposite right now, the treyarch games are the ones worth buying for me these days. Last good (and still unbeaten) IW COD, was MW1 for me.
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Unless it they do something really drastic the so-called MW4 will most likely bomb and CoD will fade slowly from the top spot.
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Hah, I just posted a topic sharing similar thoughts.
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