so what do you guys play?

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User Info: Devils Tear

Devils Tear
4 years ago#1
I almost always play demo or hardpoint ( god i miss dropzone! )
i never really got into dom or s&d.
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User Info: sithgod513

4 years ago#2
Dom, and zombies.
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User Info: ploodie

4 years ago#3
Domination, Tranzit Zombies Online, and occasionally Kill Confirmed - used to do exclusively Team Deathmatch, but don't like it anymore.

Really miss War from World At War.

User Info: params7

4 years ago#4
FFA, merc moshpit.

User Info: MahoganyTooth92

4 years ago#5
I play chaos moshpit pretty much exclusively.
It contains ALL my fave maps.
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User Info: george15gamer

4 years ago#6
Ground War only. Even regular domination doesn't satisfy my tastes.
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User Info: landsharkx619

4 years ago#7
domination for the last calling card....I really want it over with though so I could play something else xD
I'm on the last one
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User Info: Blaeu

4 years ago#8
4v4 League when at least one friend is online. Otherwise, I pick something to help me with my camo unlocks. TDM, KC, Dom, HP, or Chaos seem to be what I pick, depending on what gun I'm working on.
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User Info: acetrain736

4 years ago#9
Moshpits, Zombies, and campaign when the onlies bugging out
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User Info: pozertron

4 years ago#10
TDM and... TDM
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  3. so what do you guys play?

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