Should I get this game?

#11Lord_TenseEyePosted 12/3/2012 10:35:53 AM

Your perception is that people are complaining just to hate on the game. That is largely not the case. You have a few of those on every board, but a few.

Constant console freezing and crippling lag compensation are pretty game breaking. That's why you see people making numerous threads about it.

It's not really the exact same people making the same thread each day.

Also, your point about complainers not even having the game is absurd. People have better things to do than complain about a game they don't even have. Most people that dislike the game that strongly wouldn't waste their time on a video game forum just to talk s*** about it.

The game isn't that good. It doesn't require people hating on it. The devs already did a fine job of messing up so that's not even needed.